With advice, Aaron’s portfolio will have a projected growth of over $200,000 in the next 10 years.


“ I am passionate about ethical investing, and it was important to me that Novo Wealth felt the same way”

– Aaron


Aaron, 27 wanted to start a savings plan and start to grow his Superannuation for later retirement. He is passionate about investing ethically.


Aaron’s Assets:

Superannuation balance: $35,000

Income: $85,000

Non-Super assets:

  • Financial investments & bank account: $30,000
  • Home ownership: No

Aaron’s Goals

  1. Review managed fund investments with a view to consolidate, to support long term wealth accumulation.
  2. Ensure funds are invested in line with his long-term risk profile and in a way that is ethically minded.
  3. Accumulate $200,000 within 10 years (outside of superannuation).
  4. Review personal insurance needs.
  5. Review superannuation arrangements with the view to consolidate.
  6. Continue with existing salary sacrifice arrangement.
  7. Review estate planning arrangements to ensure assets and wishes are carried out accordingly.

Advice received:

  1. Diversify portfolio of investments
  2. Commence a regular investment plan
  3. Combine two Superannuation funds
  4. Apply for recommended insurances
  5. Seek legal advice regarding estate planning

The value of Novo Wealth’s advice

  • Aaron’s portfolio will have an estimated balance of $364,676 in 10 years’ time.
  • Aaron will be able to invest in an ethical manner and across a diversified portfolio which aligns to his risk and Responsible Investor profile.
  • By continuing to salary sacrifice contributions to super, Aaron will boost his ability to grow his retirement savings in a tax-effective manner.
  • By implementing the recommended personal insurance policies, Aaron will be protecting his financial future for insurable unforeseen events.
  • By implementing the recommended Estate planning process Aaron will be protecting his financial future for unforeseen events.

The Outcome?

Aaron will successfully increase his portfolio, and ultimately his retirement savings, whilst investing ethically.

Do you want to experience the same success as Aaron has with ethical and sustainable financial advice from Novo Wealth?

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