4 Tips from a Sustainable Financial Planner in Adelaide

There are many reasons for saving money, whether you’re looking to purchase a new car, save for a family holiday, or maybe you’re even thinking of an early retirement?

But many people also want to make sure their financial decisions align with their values – ethically, sustainably, and morally. 

A new year means a fresh start – which is the perfect time to make fresh decisions about where you put your money. 

Have you got financial goals in 2022? Do you want to make them (and yourself) more ethical?

If you’re ready to make big financial strides this year, here are 4 ethical financial goals you can consider making – some are easy, some take a little more time and effort – all are good for our planet and our world. 

1. Move Your Super into an Ethical Fund

Have you checked your super fund recently? Do you know how your superannuation is invested? 

Check out the Ethical Fund Ratings and see how ethical your super fund is.

With the rise in popularity of ethical investing, more Australians are seeking ethical and sustainable super funds to responsibly invest their money. 

However, while many Australians aim to do this, for many it never happens. But it’s actually a really simple process and one that can make a huge impact on our planet and our society. 

Plus, you may not even have to switch funds. Your super fund may have an ethical investment option which you can select with a click of a button. 

Make 2022 the year to invest responsibly through an ethical super fund!

2. Spend Less on Things You Don’t Need

Christmas is commonly a time where people buy presents and items they don’t necessarily need. But this can result in a lot of unsustainable waste. 

In 2022, think about how you can be more sustainable with your purchases. Do you really need to buy a new object? If not, you can reduce waste and also save yourself some money – win win!

Another subject to keep in mind is how you can make ethical, local purchases that don’t negatively impact our society or our planet. How ethical are your favourite brands?

3. Review Your Bank’s Ethical Practice

How ethical is your bank? Your bank could be financing climate-damaging fossil fuels. While it is less spoken about than investments and super funds, many banking institutions also support unethical practices and invest in irresponsible ways. 

Where does your bank stand? See which banks currently fund or support the fossil fuel industry and speak to your financial adviser to see if changing banks is right for you.   

4. Invest Ethically with an Ethical Financial Adviser

If you have an investment portfolio you are looking to review performance-wise or ethical-wise? 

Or maybe you’re just getting started and looking to invest? 

The new year is a perfect time to improve your financial situation and also make ethical strides. Find out how you can make sustainable investments with the leading ethical financial adviser in Adelaide, Australia.        

Ready to set ethical financial goals for 2022 and stick to them?

Novo Wealth is your partner when it comes to helping you plan your finances so you can build a better future and better planet. We know how challenging it can be to plan for your retirement while remaining true to your values. 

That’s why we offer a three-step plan to put you on the road to financial freedom. 

Our financial planner in Adelaide can help you achieve success in the new year! Contact us today to book an appointment with Paul Garner – ethical financial advice specialist. 


IMPORTANT; This information is general in nature only. It does not take into account your individual circumstances. We recommend that you seek professional advice before making any investment decision.