Financial Planning Services in Adelaide

Financial Planning for Women

“The Financy Women’s Index shows that the average woman retires with 66 per cent of the account balance of the average man, largely due to taking time out of full-time work to care for children.”


The consequences of not being able to work for six months, a year or even longer due to illness or injury can devastate your lifestyle and plans, and those of your family. Have you considered what would happen to your family if the main breadwinner died?

Retirement Planning and Super

As retirement nears and you begin thinking about the retirement lifestyle you would like, your super comes more into focus. Depending on when you plan to retire – at age 50, 55 or 60 – you may start thinking about putting extra money into super, maximising your investments, balancing risk and return, and looking at your wealth protection needs.

Aged Care

The right financial advice in the early stages of aged care considerations can potentially make a big difference to a person’s Centrelink income and aged care costs. It’s a complex area and people often feel lost in the mire of varying information and rules. Ideally the earlier we can start advising the better the end outcome, particularly prior to the sale of property.

Estate Planning 2.1

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a specialised area that can involve many financial complexities. While no one intentionally leaves behind complications for their loved ones, countless families are burdened with the difficulties of an out-of-date will. You can make sure it’s easy for your loved ones to receive what you leave behind.

Ethical Investment

There are many options available but always remember – it’s your choice. Some people choose to have 100% of their investments and retirement plans in ethical investments. Others choose a percentage, which they can easily change over time.

Ethical Investing

Ethical Investing

Responsible investment is an umbrella term to describe an investment process that takes environmental, social, governance (ESG) or ethical considerations into account. This process is in addition to the fundamental investment selection and management process.

Why Invest Responsibly?

Why Invest Responsibly?

Responsible Investment is a way to generate competitive returns and find sustainable solutions to many of the challenges we face in the 21st century. There are many reasons people choose to invest responsibly. Below are the five most commonly cited reasons.


There is empirical evidence showing that ethical investments provide returns as good as normal investments. Consider the following: “There is growing evidence that Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) reduces risk and leads to superior long-term financial returns.”



This is when organisations present a facade of being deeply environmental and ethically conscious, but there is a danger that they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing Some companies score very highly because they are good corporate citizens and they have strong governance.