Would you like to ensure that you have financial security in the lead up to your retirement but want to invest in a responsible and ethical way to match your moral compass?

If that sounds like you then you’re not alone. In fact, as more and more people head toward retirement, they are looking for ways to invest their money that corresponds with a socially responsible attitude.

Novo Wealth are specialists in the Responsible and Ethical Investment space and our entire business and ethos is designed to help people invest, grow rich and retire with comfort. Our whole philosophy revolves around prudent and responsible investment.

But many people ask – what is responsible or ethical investment…?

So to help with that we’ve developed the Novo Wealth Responsible Investment Profiler tool. This tool will help you clearly understand the issues surrounding responsible investment and ethical money and identify the ones that are important to you when choosing where your money is invested. Issues ranging from the environment, gambling, tobacco and labour practices to name a few.

This tool will help if you want to understand the thought process behind being a more responsible investor and will help you decide if certain investments or investment styles are right for you.

I created the guide for my clients but I’m happy to share a copy with you.

You can download it here.

Paul Garner CFP®
Financial Adviser, Director
Certified Responsible Investment Financial Adviser