Pay yourself first? An issue most of us come across is spending more as we earn more. As our incomes rise, so does our lifestyle spending. Whether it is entertainment, holidays, travel, housing, cars, boats, furniture.. its pretty clear that as we earn more, we spend even more. But what if this spending was not taking advantage of all the time you are giving up and the hard work you are doing to earn that income?

If you earn more, but spend more, are you really getting ahead or just spinning the wheel? One of the ideas I like people to consider is taking a 20% pay cut and living off a lower wage. Asking work to transfer 20% to another account that you can’t touch is a powerful move. It’s amazing that when money becomes scarce, we adapt in sometimes more rewarding and simple ways.

In saying this I’m working on a more robust, scalable budgeting system that can provide anything from a budget spreadsheet to a fully outsourced personal financial assistant, so for those of you who are challenged by this just imagine….

  • Someone else managing your finances like clockwork
  • Never handling another bill – just knowing it’s sorted
  • No more pay days deciding what payment to prioritise
  • Never wondering… “Where did the money go?”
  • No more final warnings or missed discounts
  • Hitting your financial goals – not just “resolving” to
  • The nitty gritty of making your money work outsourced to a personal financial assistant…at an affordable price…

Talk to me if you’d like to know more and as always I’m just a call or email away…

All the best
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Certified Responsible Investment Financial Adviser