The ‘Great Australian Dream’! Own property, lots of it and the more the better right?

Reams of paper, thousands of words, countless blogs,websites and Facebook posts are devoted to the subject but people are still confused, floundering or have just given up trying. Of course many people have done well, either through sheer dumb luck or just riding the waves of price growth that a lot of us have been fortunate to be on.

It isn’t easy and requires thorough and detailed research, words that put most people instantly to sleep and so they seek out an expert to help but unfortunately many fall prey to dodgy property advice that leaves them in a low growth area, with the wrong type of property, a mountain of debt and no-one left standing to help them out.

Ok mistakes happen but don’t worry there are many ways to fix any situation and if this resonates with you then this short guide will share just 3 that could help.

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How to un-ravel your poor performing property investment