So I got to it, did a bit of research and came across a couple of handy items that are easily accessible and could be a continuing source of guidance in ethical purchase decisions – whatever that means for you.

Firstly I searched on ‘ethical consumer guide’ and up popped the following links – who would have thought it was this easy?…
A handy pocket-sized guide and app version, helps you match your shopping habits with your values. Over 130,000 copies sold since 2008!
As the summary says it’s a printed guide or mobile digital tool that gives you the low-down on the environmental and social record of companies behind common brand names. They are both available for a small cost but don’t let that put you off – what are you prepared to pay for a handy ethical shopping guide?

Ethical Consumers Australia
Use your shopping power to change the world. Ethical Consumers Australia makes it easier for people to make consumer choices that match their values.
This group publish the ‘Good on You’ app that provides guidance on buying ethical clothing that matches your style and budget.. This one is free from your favoured phone provider.

The Good Shopping Guide – Your Ethical Comparison Site (international)
The Good Shopping Guide reveals the good, the bad & the ugly of the world’s brands.
This is an international site, but with the influx of big international brands to Australia it could be useful. Plus, how many of our iconic Aussie brands are not owned by Aussies?

Shop Ethical – Behind the Barcode – Baptist World Aid Australia
Shop ethically with the Ethical Fashion Guide and the Ethical Electronics Guide.
A serious site that professional investors use to vet the companies they include in ethical investment decisions. The reports/guides are available to download or order a physical copy via their website.

This is only a scratch on the surface of the information available.

So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!