Starting a conversation on any social issue can seem confronting, particularly if you have an inclination that the other person’s point of view may defer from yours. However, it’s important to discuss important matters with each other as it can provide more information on the social issue and ultimately derive significant change within the world.

A particular social issue that can be controversial to discuss is climate change.

However, with climate change being a significant issue in the world today, it’s important we share our views with one another, in the hope to shed light on the issue. 

Approach can be everything if you hope to open the mind of someone close to you. When introducing the topic and other ideas connected to it, be sure to be as personable and calm rather than aggressive and dismissive.

Here are a few helpful tips on how you should discuss climate change with family and friends in such a way that it makes a real difference:

1) Inquire and Listen

When you’re starting the conversation about climate change, it’s best to be direct and ask questions. 

By being a little more inquisitive, you can learn more about your family and friends’ stance on the subject and their reasoning behind it.

Remember to ask follow-up questions as well. Listen and take what they say into account throughout the rest of the conversation.

2) Create Dialogue

Navigating the conversation can often be harder than starting it, but the best way to do so can be to find different points of similarities that you can connect on. 

For instance, if you’re talking to your parent, you can point out how you both want to leave a better planet that doesn’t have such negative impacts on kids and grandkids. Continue to converse from there and ask questions.

3) Provide Evidence

If the tables ever turn and your family and friends are asking you the questions, don’t be too defensive about it. 

Instead, you may want to source some practical and scientific evidence. Be sure to avoid technical terms, as the information should be simple and easy to digest. That way, you can still have an exchange rather than just a homeroom lecture.

4) Make Suggestions

Once you’ve finally eased into the conversation about climate change a little better, take it as a cue to make a couple of suggestions on what your loved ones can do. Try to promptly detail how they can do their part in being more mindful of the planet.

For instance, ethical alternatives to our everyday products and processes would be a great way of doing so. 

Investments that may directly go to organisations will do more harm than good and should be avoided. Invite them to try exploring ethical or sustainable investments or check out our article on: 4 Tips to See If Your Funds Are An Ethical Investment

Some people will require multiple conversations to really pay more attention to climate change, but starting the shift with your inner circles is a must. Don’t be afraid to explore more about the matter and invite others to do the same.

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