The Novo Wealth Philosophy

Let’s Save The World

People ask: why do you want to save the world? Like many others, I seek a defining reason to get out of bed in the morning. I want to save the world, for the privilege of being an elder and for our children to inherit the wonderful life we all share…when enough individuals take action, the changes we need will follow.

I also love helping people. I like listening to their goals and digging deeper into their values and how to express those in investment options, rather than skimming over the surface. The power of one can shift opinion, practice, and the norm, and if enough individuals do that… we can do anything!

My Background

I was born and bred in Adelaide. I’ve worked in Melbourne and Sydney and I moved back to Adelaide for lifestyle and family. My interest in ethical investing really started when I found out about Grameen Bank. Formed by a Bangladesh academic, Muhammad Yunus, he came up with the concept of micro finance, where people are provided with finance outside the banking system. It helped poorer people help themselves. This led to a group called Results, in the US and in Australia. Our task was to lobby politicians and create activism, so that Australia met our commitments to the UN sustainable development goals.

As an active member of Results, I built their first website, wrote to MPs, visited politicians, and talked with them about our commitments, aid budget, etc. At the time I was working in marketing for an IT company in Sydney. However, I was always interested in financial planning, owning my own business and doing something that mattered.

Wanting to move beyond the corporate environment and offer clients more, I started Novo to deliver genuinely tailored wealth advisory services, with a focus on responsible investing.  I was frustrated about not being able to find much information about investing according to my values and finding someone who could help me do that.

Cycling is another of my passions. My aim is to get rid of my car, reduce my impact and consume less. People find that a little unusual for someone involved in the finance sector but I guess I’m a practical greenie. Hopefully I’ve passed on some of these life lessons to my children.

“I truly believe people can do it, I believe we can save the world.”

My Experience

As a Certified Financial Planner Professional with high level experience from my time at a ‘Big 4’ Australian bank and boutique planning practice, I have particular expertise developing sustainable investment strategies with business owners, professional women, academics and public servants.

Novo [meaning to change, reinvent, refresh in Latin] prioritises its product and sector selection around responsible investing with individually structured planning. I understand that each client’s position and lifestyle is different, whether they are just starting out, or looking for a kick along as they near retirement. I will design each client a specialised program to build wealth, protect it and enable that wealth to potentially ‘go on giving’ indefinitely. High quality responsible investing encourages great corporate behaviour and outcomes that benefit people and our planet – without compromising wealth creation and performance.

People tell me I am a ‘real person’ – a dad, cyclist, musician and footy-lover who realised ethical investment needed greater recognition. It needs to be treated as more than an afterthought or token gesture in 21st century financial planning, given the world our kids are growing up in.

I enjoy going the process of finding out the “why” in people’s investment decisions. I find that the people I see care more deeply. They are nurturing and they want the world to be a better place for future generations. Millennials are another group that I particularly enjoy working with because they are very aware and ask many questions.

In summary, I truly believe people can do it and where they put their money matters. I believe we can save the world.