Our Difference

Our Difference

My philosophy is that ethical investment is a highly personal decision making process. What suits you may not suit the next person. Despite their marketing, most large advisery firms offer “cookie cutter” advice when it comes to ethical investments. They have products they want to match you to. My philosophy is to understand you first.

What are your financial goals and what ethical considerations are important to you personally? Ethical or responsible investing is about investing according to your own personal values. Rest assured that I won’t judge you, whether you choose to invest in light green investments or what we call dark green investments. Whether you choose to allocate 10% or 100% of your funds to ethical investing is completely up to you. My role is to provide in depth knowledge to help you make wise investment decisions. As an adviser I help you define those sectors or companies that you want to avoid, support, or have no fixed view of.

The fundamentals of investing remain the same. You may wish to have part of your part portfolios matching your concerns but we are always looking at balancing risk to suit your profile and seeking performance on your investments. You may wish to avoid industries around fossil fuels but you are okay with other mining, such as copper or diamonds. Or you may insist that there is no mining exposure in your portfolio. People often want to support renewable energy and companies involved in conservation. Or companies doing the right thing by society. Other people do not want to invest with banks.

I will listen to your aspirations and your concerns. Then we will develop a financially sound plan that is good for society and good for the planet.

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