Pulse article and White Paper on ethical and responsible investment

What are the four pillars that should characterise a wealth management consultancy focused on ethical and responsible investment? That’s easy, they need to focus on these things:

  1. They need to care about your best interests
  2. They need to listen to you
  3. They need to keep their promises
  4. They need to align their wealth management advice with your values & beliefs

I have found that very few people know that some wealth management consultants specialise in ethical and responsible investment. Equally importantly, they don’t really understand what makes the difference between a standard wealth consultant and one that specialises in ethical and responsible investment.

I really didn’t realise how big a problem this was until I was talking to my marketing consultant. He asked me how I differentiate my business.

In reality, many of my existing clients are loyal customers because they know me as a person and have developed a relationship of mutual trust with me.

But that’s not much use when it comes to completely new clients. They simply don’t know me or how I do business. So how can I communicate to them what it is I do? That’s when I turn to the four characteristics that I listed above. It’s about owning them and making them real in my own business.