The world is becoming increasingly eco-conscious; that’s why people strive to do their part in supporting sustainable development to help the world heal in some way or form. 

When it comes to making eco-friendly decisions, most associate the efforts with buying organic products, utilising renewable resources, and other similar activities. 

What if you could also maintain sustainable practices with your investments?

There are multiple ways to make ethical investments and ensure your money is going towards organisations that aim to deliver not just a financial reward, but also a positive social impact too! 

What is Ethical Investing? 

Ethical investing is where you are able to support businesses that work hard to transform the world in a sustainable, ethical way—be it supporting renewable energy sources, pushing for better wages for all workers, or investing your money in local companies. 

When you recognise and actively aim to improve the social and ecological factors through your investments, you are making conscious ethical investments. As a conscious investor, you can feel good putting your money where it can provide the most value to the economy and environment. 

You can truly make a difference in the world through ethical investments!

How Can I Invest Ethically? 

Do you have the passion and determination to invest in companies that promise to do right by the world, but you aren’t sure what you need to consider when looking for sustainable banks, superannuation, or an investment fund? 

Here is a list of key factors to look for when striving for ethical investments: 

  • Clean energy
  • Sustainable products
  • Medical solutions
  • Universal healthcare
  • Innovative technology
  • Education
  • Responsible Banking
  • Recycling
  • Aged Care

If you’re trying to avoid industries that compromise people’s efforts in making a positive change, it’s crucial to steer clear of businesses that are involved in oil production, coal/gas expansion, tobacco usage and production, forest logging, weapon manufacturing, gambling, exploitation, harmful products, and those who abuse human rights. 

There are three ways you can approach ethical investing:

  1. Choosing ethical banking institutions, 
  2. Investing in superannuation funds with greener frameworks, 
  3. Investing in causes or industries that resonate with your personal values.

You Can Help Change the World for the Better Through Ethical Investments 

How Can We Help You with Ethical Investments?

Making the right investments for the best returns is difficult – let alone ensuring that your investments are truly ethical as well. 

While there will always be risks when it comes to making investments, it’s important to seek opportunities that align with your values and provide you with greater peace of mind in the long run. 

With that being said, it’s only right to work with financial advice specialists in Australia who could help you make sound decisions for your personal and business finances. 

If you’re looking for ethical investment advisers in Adelaide, Novo Wealth can help. We provide ethical investment advice for people at all stages of life to help more Australians grow their money the responsible way. 

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IMPORTANT; This information is general in nature only. It does not take into account your individual circumstances. We recommend that you seek professional advice before making any investment decision.