In my role as a financial adviser and financial coach I speak with people every day which led me to think…

about how things change when we are faced with a very real and immediate threat posed by the corona virus.  We are all listening intently to “the experts”,  doctors, specialists, scientists, statisticians, demographers and even politicians!  Yet those with the same expertise, using the same scientific principles and processes, are routinely ignored, disregarded and sometimes vilified on the subject of climate change and its effects on our world.  Because  it is not as apparently immediate, and there is a broad range of outcomes and lots of unknowns, it is not having the same reaction and actions to mitigate the effects, yet these same people are saying climate change will pose a bigger, more irreversible impact on our life. Because of these reasons I don’t think those in power will bring the same urgency and action to this impending pandemic, so I believe it is up to us to drive this and force change from below.

So with that in mind I’m offering a Care Call Friday where you can book a 20 minute chat with me about any financial issue that you or a relative or friend may be having.  Its free and no obligation – just something I’d like to do to help people through this crisis. 
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I trust you have been well through this COVID19 period in history. You will certainly have many stories to share in the decades to come to grandchildren and great grandchildren. This has been a truly historic event that is gradually getting better.

“Never waste a good crisis” is a wisdom that we all need to embrace – it is through crises that opportunities come!