Australians are investing their money in a variety of different companies and industries. But how do you know where your funds go?

Almost all of us want our investments and superannuation (super) funds to grow and support responsible and ethical businesses. However, many Australians make investments without knowing what they are investing in. 

It’s quite common for many investment funds and super funds to invest in companies that are not necessarily considered ethical such as fossil fuels, tobacco, or logging. 

With a growing concern of these unethical practices, many people are consciously choosing to avoid investing in companies that use these practices. The alternative approach that has been steadily growing as more individuals become conscious of their own actions, is ethical investing – a choice that can make a big difference not only financially but socially too!

The most important thing is that your money is invested into industries and organisations that align with your values. 

What Is Ethical Investment?

Ethical investment is a strategy that focuses on an investor’s ethical and moral principles as a primary driving force towards investing. This means you might wish to invest more in companies whose vision aligns with yours. For example, those who advocate for clean energy would want their money to support businesses that are using or producing solar or wind energy resources.

This practice involves growing your money, while supporting socially and environmentally responsible companies that can leave a positive impact on the world. It is an increasingly popular option for individuals who wish to make a difference.

Why Invest Ethically?

Why do a growing number of Australians want to place their super funds and retirement savings on sustainable and socially conscious companies? 

Why does it matter, and what are its benefits? Here are some advantages of this strategy:

  • It Lets You Support Like-Minded and Responsible Companies: Everyone has their own deeply rooted opinion on social and environmental topics, and these values guide our actions day in and day out. It would make sense for people to support companies that share similar values by placing their money into supporting the brand. Ethical investment provides investors with a platform to do good and make responsible decisions.
  • It Offers Excellent Returns: Like other types of investments, ethical investment also entails returns. Ethical funds have even out-performed more mainstream ones for over a decade now, while also allowing investors stay true to their values. 

How Can a Financial Adviser Help with Ethical Investment?

Like any investment, it pays to know what you are doing. Which is where a financial adviser comes in. 

While ethical investment opportunities can outperform regular markets, you must make smart investment decisions in order for this to be true.  

 Financial advisers can help individuals realise their goals in investing – and share their knowledge on how to invest ethically. They can develop strategies for ethical investment while maximising your earning power.

Financial advisers are essentially finance experts. At Novo Wealth, we combine our expertise with our ethical driving values to help individuals grow their money and make a difference in our world. 

We conduct rigorous research regarding the ethical standards of each company they recommend, and they can also craft financial plans that the individual can use to grow their wealth while aligning their portfolios with their values.

Contact Ethical Investment Advisers in Adelaide

Ethical investment is an excellent way to grow one’s super funds and retirement savings while supporting responsible, sustainable, and socially conscious companies. 

While investing ethically can offer exceptional returns, contacting an expert can vastly broaden your portfolio and maximise your money even more.

If you’re looking for ethical investment advisers in Adelaide, Novo Wealth can help. We provide ethical investment advice for people at all stages of life to help more Australians grow their money the responsible way. 

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IMPORTANT; This information is general in nature only. It does not take into account your individual circumstances. We recommend that you seek professional advice before making any investment decision.