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Where does my money get invested?

Novo Wealth is a member of the Co-Op!


The Ethical Advisers’ Co-operative (EAC) increased ethically screened funds under management by

18% over the last year to close to $1 billion.

The Co-op's nationwide membership of ethical Financial Advisers help everyday Australians invest

and make financial decisions to match their ethical values with financial investments.

Ethical Investment specialist advisers are a trusted source of advice for investors as the range and

complexity of ethical investment products and investments continue to broaden in a maturing

investment sector.

“With global responsible investment rising $21 trillion last year, investors are increasingly aligning

their values with their investment decisions” says Louise Edkins, EAC director.

“There are many choices for investors – impact investing, sustainability funds, ESG screened funds,

best of sector, negative and positive screened as well as fossil fuel excluded investments. An ethical

investment adviser specialist can assist investors in reflecting their personal values and financial

needs with the best ethical investment choice for them.”


The Ethical Advisers' Co-operative Ltd (Co-op) is a member operated organisation created to help

communicate the intention and benefits behind ethical investment. The Co-op aims to help investors

understand ethical investment and also to help investors find a specialist ethical investment adviser.

The Co-op aims to benefit its clients through ethical investment by:

1. Providing investors with financial and ethical insights;

2. The peace of mind that comes with aligning investments with ethical values; and

3. Saving time and effort in evaluating socially responsible investment options.